What is Big Data Analytics and Why it matters ?


Big data analytics is the process of analyzing and collecting large set of data to figure out the patterns and the other necessary information.Big data analytics can help to better understand of information stored in the data set and also helps to identify the most important data of business and future business decisions. Data Analysts Working on big data to figure out the necessary set of data by analyzing the data.

Big Data Analytics basically perform using special software applications and tools for predictive analysis of data and data mining, forecasting, optimization and text mining. Using Big data analytics tools and applications to process large  set of data that stored to analyze which data-set is relevant. Big data analytics is also applicable of make business decisions from the analysis of data for the future perspectives.

The Challenges

Big data analytics is a challenge of most of the organizations. Consider the Large volume of data collected in the different formats (structured and unstructured) across the entire organization. There are many ways to collect that data and combine the data.

The big challenge is to breakdown the raw data into various forms and formats. It is also quite difficult to store and collect from various platforms and different systems. Massive volume of data set is also difficult to process and this process is too much time consuming

The Benefits of Big Data Analytics

Mostly all enterprises are now using big data analytics to process their data and make decision on the behalf of the analysis  of data, for the future perspectives of the enterprise. Right big data analytics, can useful to make right decisions to increase efficiency,  improve operation, It can boost sales and also  improves customers retention.

Notably the business area getting the more attention to increase the efficiency and optimizing operations. according to the survey  65 percent of organizing uses big data analytics to increase the efficiency and reduce complexity and also increase the sales.

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