Example of Artificial Intelligence That using in today’s world


1.Apple’s Siri

Apple’s Siri is the most popular app that is using Artificial Intelligence to provide the experience of real human talk. It is voice assistant provided by Apple in I phones and I pad. Siri helps us to find information, send messages, open applications or even get direction only through your voice command.
Siri uses machine learning and deep learning to provide information and answers by getting human commands. It is most Popular Example of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

2. Tesla

Automobile Industry is also growing in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Tesla is the well known brand owns by best personality ‘Alon Musk’ who made the worlds most advanced automobiles. like self driving cars. Few days ago Tesla Announces the cyber Truck.
Self driving and self charging cars are in market with the label of TESLA. These cars are using deep learning and machine learning in advanced mode. Self driving cars using deep learning to judge the road and traffic. these cars providing the best experience to riders. Tesla now announced to provide the taxi service with self driving cars.

3. Netflix

Netflix is another example of Artificial intelligence. Netflix is online streaming app that is available for all platforms. Net provides is the best relative videos related  to users taste.
Netflix uses the Deep Learning to find out the taste for users and provides the best streaming experience.

4. Amazon’s Shipping Drones

Amazon started its In-Air shipping to provide the best experience to the users. Drones that are used for shipping are programmed with artificial Intelligence.
Deep learning are artificial neural system is used to find out the exact location of the user and ship to user’s exact location. That is Incredible and Amazing.

5. YouTube

YouTube is another Best Example of Artificial Intelligence. YouTube Provides us he best video recommendations on the behalf of users previous experience. YouTube uses the Deep Learning and artificial Intelligence to provide best user experience.

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