CBSC Introduced the artificial intelligence as the subject for new session 2020

In days CBSE announced the artificial intelligence as subject for the new session of 2020 starting form march. It is compulsory subject for the students of class VIII, IX and X.

The study material is also has been uploaded by CBSE board on their website. Students can check the syllabus of Artificial Intelligence subject on the CBSE’s website.
The CBSC Collaborated with several giant tech companies like IBM, Microsoft, schools and so on. As the collaboration with Microsoft, CBSE nominated more than 1000 teacher of provide the 3-day training to the Microsoft 365 tools like outlook, mine craft, 3d paint and so on.
41 training programs are also been held in various schools across the country that are affiliated with CBSE.  1690 participants are trained during this training sessions including principals and teachers.
This Decision to provide the knowledge about artificial intelligence to the school student is necessary and almost imperative in current times as the technology.

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