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How Does Machine Learning Works

How does machine learning work? Myth and reality There Are lots Of Myths about this Question that how does Machine Learning Works: I works automatically or It requires no modification and customization to by any third party to using it. Machine Learning can Solve any problem and fits into any business. What is truth behind […]

Example of Artificial Intelligence That using in today’s world

1.Apple’s Siri Apple’s Siri is the most popular app that is using Artificial Intelligence to provide the experience of real human talk. It is voice assistant provided by Apple in I phones and I pad. Siri helps us to find information, send messages, open applications or even get direction only through your voice command. Siri […]

What is the Machine learning? A definition and the features

Definition – What does Machine Learning mean? Machine learning is sub part of an artificial intelligence which is geared towards the technology development of knowledge of human. With help of machine learning the computers can handle new situations with the analysis of experience and observations. Machine learning provides the facilities of continuous advancement of computing […]

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